Right Ive got really lofty ambitions for this video – I want to change your entire belief in what you want in life. Namely I want you to stop wanting to be rich and learn to be happy with what you have.


Now unlike most “life gurus” who are telling you this whilst simultaneously trying to get rich by selling you the book that contains these pearls of wisdom – I HAVE BEEN RICH. How rich – well I made my money in Bulgaria but if we Americanize the relative income I was earning the equivalent of around $2 million a year after taxes. So objectively rich by any reasonable standard. And did I like it – YEAH, I loved it.


Only I didn’t really – I lied to myself that I loved it. And Id say that most people who make it big do the same – you see it takes SO MUCH HARD WORK to become rich. I mean 18 or more hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year – and thats no joke. I worked Christmas Day, New Years Day, my girlfriends birthday – my birthday – every single day for 5 very long years and at the end of it I was rich – YEAH…….! But id lost half a decade of my life…………..


When you’ve done that – and that is what it takes to become a self made millionaire – your not going to turn round and say “this is shit”. No you spend money on things you never wanted or even cared for and you lie to yourself that this is great. You would have to be an exceptionally shallow and superficial person to truly love being rich. How shallow – well Angel, my high level Histrionic Narcissist girlfriend – even SHE was not shallow enough to truly LOVE being rich.


People say “being rich does not make you happy” but they never say the truth which is way more likely to be “being rich makes you miserable” – it certainly will if your an Empath or even close.


You know those friends you have that have stuck with you through thick and thin – they will turn into parasites. They don’t mean to – but they will. They will stop seeing you as “you” and start to regard you as a resource, like a mine owner regards a mineral deposit. Rich people dont have friends – they have parasites. What is worse than the parasites are your new “rich” friends. Despite what rich people spout on TV, most rich people got rich by being utter cunts to other human beings – YOU got there through hard work and determination but your new rich friends, THEY assume you got there the same way they did and they will talk openly about the horrors they commit, the family with a new born baby they just evicted and have an attachment order on there benefits to get back the inflated interest on the inflated rent. And this is the TRUE horror. They tell you it with PRIDE, as if your going to totally approve of their behaviour. So – if your rich you have no friends.


If your rich you have no privacy. Once your a millionaire your going to live your entire life on CCTV – your a target 24/7 and everything you own is so valuable that ITS a target 24/7. Most people wanting to know the time whilst sat at their desk will look at the time on the computer screen – like now, 11.46 am, but you dont do anything as crude as the when your rich. No, you get your time off a $15,000 Jaeger LeCoultre desk clock and because you dont want one of your cleaners to steal your entirely pointless $15,000 desk clock – your office, and your entire house, is covered with CCTV. And that is remarkably corrosive to the sole, it wears on you day to day, constantly seeing those monitors and knowing that everything you do is recorded – but you live with it because its a necessity.


And there’s your body guard or body guards – Scaramucci, my bodyguard was as professional as they come. He was great, you hardly knew he was there – but he was, he was there and you start to resent their presence, you start to make excuses to get away from them and one day that will bite you in the ass – because you ARE a target. I was mugged on the way back from a restaurant to my suite at the most expensive hotel in the country – 7 hours later I woke up in a police body bag with brain damage, my $35,000 Rolex Daytona Cosmoghraph gone as well as my short term memory.


Probably worst of all – nothing is a treat any more. Nothing is special. You entirely loose the excitement of something different, the joy at eating at a really good restaurant. You eat at the best restaurant’s in town every day, you stay in the Presidential Suite of the best hotel in the city, you ride in the back of a $200,000 car, your clothes are made by a designer in Italy bespoke for you and – and it all becomes normal. It becomes mundane, boring even. And what do you do after that for a treat? You’ve got all this money – but there’s nothing left to spend it on………….


What do you do when your bored of the menu at the 5* restaurant? When the decor in the Presidential Suite finally annoys you? When your negotiation with Bentley to part exchange your S600 Mercedes because there isn’t QUTE as much leg room in the back as you would like?


The answer for MANY – and I mean MANY – bored rich people is drugs. I was helped down this path by Angel my narcissistic girlfriend, in fact its fair to say I was dragged down this path but in all honesty it was most likely a path Id have taken sooner or later with or without her help.


Angel solved the problem for me by destroying my company – but I dont miss it.


I walked away from the luxury lifestyle and the luxury apartment with just my clothes, my computer and Truffle my dog – leaving behind me tens of thousands – no hundreds of thousands of dollars of possessions. I moved to the poorest neighbourhood in the city and I re-discovered what it was like to have friends. People who genuinely cared if I was alive – for no other reason than I was a human being. Rich people truly dont give a shit if your alive or dead and I mean that quite literally. Where I live now the streets are made of dirt and the people are dirt poor, but after a recent trip to hospital over a dozen of them came to ask how I was and did I need anything.


If you take a little while to step back your almost certainly no where near as broke as you think you are – you just buy a lot of shit you dont need. Go round your house or apartment and put a red sticker on everything you have that you have not used in a year – its a lot of stuff isn’t it?? You paid money for all that just so you could enjoy being broke – imagine if you had that cash in the bank how much less stressful every day life would be??


Because THAT is the only truly shit things about being broke – the STRESS of where the next bit of cash is coming from. If you stop wanting shit you dont need, you will stop buying shit you dont need, if you stop buying shit you dont need you will have a bit of spare cash – and you will be happy.


Being rich wont make you happy – I 100% guarantee it. Ill 95% guarantee you will be more miserable than you are now. But if you learn to stop wanting, learn to step outside the propaganda your fed by the media and society, learn to stop defining your life by what you possess and just be happy with what you have – THEN you have a chance at happiness, a really good chance.


After the terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas the thing that shocked the world the most was the shooter was RICH. It was absolutely baffling that someone RICH could do such a thing – he should be HAPPY – he had everything that society deems will make you happy. What I know that most dont is how isolated that guy felt, he had no friends, no one he could trust, his life was meaningless, his life was a failure and deep down he knew it just like I did. Life had betrayed him – he had worked hard and become a millionaire and the deal was that that should make him happy – but it didn’t. In no way does it justify what he did – but to me, there is no mystery why he did it. I know that in his head was the phrase “IT ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS” and its not – BUT IT IS.


Learn to take joy in the little things, learn to be happy with what you have and deeply understand that movies lie to you and rich people lie to themselves.