In 1818 Mary Shelly wrote the novel Frankenstein’s Monster – she was just 21 years one years old at the time.


It’s a scathing critique of humanity and its obsession with the superficial and the beautiful. For its not widely known that the monster in the book is NOT the 8 foot tall green guy with the bolt through his neck – the monster is YOU! Humanity, society – the human race is the monster.


The big guy Brought to life with a lightening bolt is kind, gentle, caring, loving – he is an Empath. He is also a vegan, just as an aside. He hurts no one and wishes no ill on anyone, until he is rejected by humanity. People who can not see past the way he look’s, can not accept him as an Empath and chase him out of town at the end of a pitch fork.


In a few months that book is 200 years old and society has come a long way in those 200 years. Its come a long way backwards in my opinion; mostly thanks to one man. A man who I truly believe will be remembered alongside Robert Oppenheimer and Joseph Goebbels in the annals of history. Who am I talking about?


Mark Zuckerberg


Mark – I destroyed society and Im proud of it – Zuckerberg


In case you dont know Zuckerberg inflicted upon the world the curse that is Facebook and thanks to Facebook [and I hate it with such a passion I truly have difficulty even typing the name] we live in a world where the Kardashian’s are a real “thing”. Not some dystopian nightmare confined to Blade Runner movies – as they should be.


We live in a world where children believe being “liked” is more important than – well, thats the problem – then ANYTHING. More important than being GOOD at anything, than telling the truth, than achieving anything, more important than being a GOOD PERSON. And I can go on – trust me – I can go on with reasons that Facebook should be on the World Health Organizations list of infectious diseases and should be eradicated from he surface of the world like Smallpox. Why Zuckerberg should be sent to Russia to stand trial on charges of crimes against humanity and sent to a gulag in Siberia to live out the rest of his feted life in a tiny fraction of the misery he has inflicted on the world and and and………………….. And I can go on.


But do I have a point – well yes as it happens I do – its this.




Not once, not ever – in the history of the rancid cyber pox called Facebook has ANYONE ever come off there computer after visiting THAT site and felt BETTER!


It is a sole annihilating, self esteem destroying, misery generating disease – it is a computer virus YOU can catch. And here is why:


In the UK I knew the most amazing girl – this girl was SPECIAL – she had an incredibly rare ability that very few people have. When this girl walked in the room YOUR life was better. Her mere presence made your life immeasurably better, you could be as miserable as hell but if Carla walked through the door YOU WERE HAPPY. On top of that she was stunningly beautiful and massively talented – she now runs her own very successful company. This girl has NOTHING to apologize for in life yet Facebook turned her into a pathetic liar – like it does everyone.


One day she rang me in tears – she had made pizza from scratch for dinner and her asshole boyfriend at the time had thrown it against the wall, essentially just because he was an asshole and he stormed out for the night. After an hour of chatting it through she was calmer and we said good by. 10 minutes later was a post on her Facebook page about how great her evening was, how she was enjoying the [wall] pizza with her loving boyfriend, how they were sat on their wonderful new couch, how he had thoughtfully bought a bottle of red wine on his way home and how generally wonderful her life was.


THAT is Facebook – it was Facebook 8 years ago when that incident happened and it has been Facebook every single day since.


It Destroys the person lying in the post – and lets face it 99.9% of all posts on Facebook ARE lies – Carla has nothing she needs to lie about – she is a wonderful human being that people simply LOVE to be around. Yet she felt the need to lie – to be seen to be perfect – on Facebook. I telephoned her back and asked what the hell??? “Oh – you know – you cant tell your friends on Facebook can you??? You know what its like – your friends on Facebook need to see you happy”




Your friend is on the telephone talking to you about your problems – if you had friends on Facebook you could tell THEM about your problem but NO ONE has friends on Facebook!


AND what about the people who read that post?? All the people who had normal days? Shitty days?? Did THEY feel better about life having read it? NO – there lives suck, all lives essentially SUCK – only on Facebook do people lead lives that dont suck and why dont they suck??




NO ONE – in the history of the universe has EVER come away from Facebook more enriched, happier, more fulfilled, add any positive motion you want here – no one has ever had that positive emotion re-enforced by Facebook – EVER.


And now we come to the single worst element of FaceFuck – YOUR EX.


Your ex is a narcissist so there is no way on Gods earth that are not on Facebook – Ive never met and will never meet your ex but I know 100% he/she is on Facebook – and YOU LOOK. OK – some MAY not but I know that 90% of you sneak a peek at your EX’s profile on Facebook “Just to see how their doing”, dont you?




Their a narcissist on Facebook……..!!!!!


They are doing AMAZINGLY – when you were with them and life was apocalyptically terrible they still told real human beings they met that life was GREAT – AMAZING – FANTASTIC. So what exactly are you expecting to find when you look on the galactic lie generator we call Facebook??


You know when you get a mouth ulcer – one of those really painful little sores on your cheek or your gum and no matter how hard you try you CAN NOT stop sticking your tung in it to see if it hurts??? AND IT DOES doesn’t it?? Every time you stick your tung in it – “Awww – it hurts” – Well THAT is exactly what your doing checking your EX’s profile on Facebook. Your sticking your tung in the ulcer of your sole.


What’s more – your ex – the master manipulator – they KNOW your checking! They are seeding there profile and posts and wall and crap with things SPECIFICALLY to trigger YOU!!


If you are checking your ex’s profile – THEY STILL OWN YOU!


They cant see it and they dont get the supply but they know your triggered! They know your miserable – and you ARE miserable. YOUr on Facebook so your going to be miserable FULL STOP – but if your checking THEIR profile your especially miserable – you may be lying to yourself that your not – BUT YOU ARE.


And dont for one second deluded yourself that your wonderful profile of happiness and joy fools your ex narcissist – Im sorry to drop this one on you but they are WAY better at spotting your bullshit than you are at spotting theirs – THEY ARE A NARCISSIST – ITS WHAT THEY DO.


There is only one way you can win this battle – that is to BE HAPPY. GENUINELY BE HAPPY.


THAT is something your ex – the narcissist – can never be. They cant compete on that one. They loose 100% of the time – that is why they will do everything possible to stop you going no contact, they will do everything possible to get you back when they need supply and why they will do everything possible to keep you looking at there Facebook profile – because they need you to be miserable.


Its called juxtaposition – if your miserable THEY will seem happier to themselves. AND that is as good as it gets for a narcissist, feeling less miserable than someone they have MADE miserable.


The very first step to being happy – GET OFF FACEBOOK.


And if you want to stay happy – STAY OFF FACEBOOK.


It is Small Pox of the sole – it never made anyone happy – it will never make you happy and now we get to the scientific proof. And where do I start……………..


Google “Scientific proof Facebook makes you miserable” and how many results does it turn up – go on, GUESS? Seriously have a number in your head of how many results turn up?






5 million 400 thousand results!


We can probably take Psychology Today’s report entitled “Science Explains How Facebook Makes You Sad” as representative of most of them. Tag lines like “Envying Your Friends on Facebook Leads to depression” kinda point to the inevitable conclusion that even for a well balanced, happy person Facebook is cancer for your happiness.


Are YOU well balanced? Are you happy and resilient? You recently got out of a relationship with a narcissist – if YOUR well balanced – well GREAT for you!!!! But you just achieved a world first – when I got out of my relationship with a narcissist I was as unhinged as F****k!


NOW – I dont normally write articles / scripts like this – I usually tell my story and let people take away what they want from them. But I feel differently about Facebook – I loath Facebook, I HATE Facebook, the depth of my dislike for facebook quite literally outstrips my ability in English to describe it! I truly believe that 2nd to your narcissist ex Facebook is the single biggest obstacle on the road to recovery and happiness.


I know ditching Facebook will leave a great hole in your day – time you use to spend on there – will suddenly be free, and boring. The computer will be there begging for your attention and the app on your telephone…………. Just delete that app. Get shut of it. Its a portal into misery – delete it.


What I did with my time, the time freed up by not being on social media and not commenting on YouTube video’s – I went for walks. Just me, no dog, no music – just me and my thoughts. I found that really helped me. The rhythmic plod plod of my feet had a very therapeutic action on my nerves and my thoughts. It may work for you – it may not – but something will. Something will provide for you what walking provided for me and even if all it provides is a distraction – its still 100 X more productive than Facebook.