We put all this resource, the articles, the video’s, the practical help guides out there with NO PAYWALL – we will even do a video on any subject you would like covering if its at all possible and we don’t CHARGE a penny for it.


Why? When its a full time job for both Michele and Lee?


Because we BOTH suffered horrific Narcissistic Abuse and the day we left we left with NOTHING – our clothes in bin bags, thrown in the back of the car and a few dollars in our pockets because we needed to get out to LIVE. 


We couldn’t have afforded a penny, not one penny to pay for any resource no matter how good.  So our resources are all* FREE AT THE POINT OFF NEED!


But if your past that point in life, or are lucky enough never to have been there, PLEASE support our work – this is our life, our work, our income – but you wont only be helping us – your helping that guy who left today, traumatized, ill, destroyed, with his clothes in a black bag and $5 in his pocket – like you once were, he has no idea how he will get through tomorrow, let alone the next month – but well be here to help him – IF you help US!


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