Of all the things I am, explorer, traveler, entrepreneur, ex millionaire, writer, Empath, expat, dog owner, victim of brain damage – nothing defines me more than being a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse.


Very specifically abuse at the hands of a Female Histrionic Narcissist – a HARLEY QUINN.


I had everything and I don’t just mean material wealth, though I had that is spades as well, I was fit, healthy, talented, well balanced and pretty dam happy with my life. Two weeks before I met Angel I commented to my friend and employee Ruby “Do you know? I have NEVER been happier in my life” and it was true.


3 years later I was bankrupt, severely ill and suffering from horrific PTSD.


Im not the only one to walk this path – HARLEY QUINN is way more common that people imagine – but to my total surprise telling my story helped others. They gained solace and strength from it. I’ve nearly finished my auto biography DATING HARLEY QUINN – with the help of Michele, who most people will know from her channel From Surviving to Thriving – it is due for release 1st Jan 2018.


Realizing the need was far grater than I ever imagined I have created, with Michele, this resource here and the YouTube channel that accompanies it – DATING HARLEY QUINN – in the hope of enabling men, who follow me down this path to recovery after narcissistic abuse, to do so with the resources and support they need and I never had.