It is very easy to concentrate on the very obvious aspects of the Female Histrionic Narcissist – the Harley Quinn – in fact its hard to think past this 1500 volt, supercharged, nitrous injected facade.


It can be blinding – blinding you to some of the things that are going on underneath.


This video is mostly aimed at those men who are still in a relationship, just about to leave a relationship OR those who, for what ever reason, are still compelled to interact with there personal Harley. But it useful for all men to know. You see there is an attribute that Harley possesses that you may not be aware of even after 5 years with her.


She is SUPER aware of the social and especially the POLICE bias towards believing the female in any dispute – especially if sexual harassment, stalking or rape are involved. AND she is 100% happy to use it. No iffs, no butts, no second thoughts, if she thinks you deserve it – she will us it.


And she knows this is the nuclear option – she knows there is likely to be no going back after she uses this option. So if she uses it, she will use it as the revenge option. AND she knows its a one shot deal so dont expect her to be half hearted with tis use!! It will be well planned and executed – which means is really really dangerous.


I’d split with my Harley Quinn, but we were kinda staying in touch a little. I received an SMS, a text. She missed me and wanted to see me – would I meet her at the “Wakeup Bar” at 7.00pm. Now I was still deeply in love with her and desperately wanted to see her. Desperate enough to agree to meet her at this bar that I had a particular dislike of – it was a rough working guys after work bar; just not my scene- but I said yes.


I arrived at 7.00 and, just in the hope Id read the location wrong, I pulled up the SMS, but no, this was the place and as I waled through the door I could see her sat at the bar with a few admiring guys around her. I was on a high just to see her. I was halfway across the floor when she stood up, pointed her finger at me and screamed – I mean SCREAMED – “STOP STALKING ME YOU PERVERT! LEVE ME ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE – PEDOPHILE!”.


It was my UTTER astonishment that saved me from a severe beating from the 30 odd guys in the bar! They had clearly heard and were now heading my way, at least mentally if not physically!


I stood there and goggled at her – I pointed to the iPhone, the screen was still illuminated, and stuttered “but you sent me an SMS ASKING me to meat you here??”


The fact I was shocked as hell and physically pointing to what was clearly an SMS thankfully gave off enough of a convincing spectacle for the guys in the bar to at least think “this looks like a domestic” or possibly even “that guys just been set up”, because not getting the expected reaction she gave it another go!!


That actually sealed her fate as being written off as a crazy bunny boiler, because the guys just went back to their beers and the little crowd she had around her dissolved. Naturally she managed to talk me into believing some shit as to why she had done it but lets be clear here – she did it to get the crap beaten out of me. Its a simple as that.


She also tried it with the Police – calling them every five minutes over anything – now I have the advantage that I live in Bulgaria. The police are WAY more likely to use there personal judgement for starters AND Bulgarian women are on the whole way more hot blooded than western women so again she got no where. So the police are used to listening to screaming women and balancing that with the look of worn out desperation of a husband that suffers a lot. But I would have HATED to test my luck in America for example.


These are extreme examples but they are not as extreme as they could be – I have no doubt in my mind that had she know the bar stunt would fail she would have at least considered making a rape allegation. Certainly NOTHING from my 3 year with her gives me ANY reason to think that would be a step too far!


They are super comfortable exploiting that social bias at lower more pedestrian, day to day level.


My Harley Quinn would deliberately goad me to TRY and make me hit her, she never succeeded into goading me into it but she came Dom close. Always some inanimate object go the punch instead of her but you could be sure that the second it happened the argument would end abruptly, the iPhone would be snapping the evidence and 30 seconds later everyone we know would have a picture of my latest violent outburst – with a comment about how scared SHE was to be in the same room as me.


A particularly devious trick was the one she used to use to get me to ACTUALLY hurt her, knowing that I would never just lie like her – she could confront me in front of people and Id say “yes – but…” no one would ever hear the BUT…


In the middle of an argument she would pick a possession of mine I was especially fond of – say my vacuum tube amplifier – wrench it off its stand and threaten to smash it on the marble floor. My instinct would be to grab it to prevent her doing so. At which point she would start fighting for it and ALWAYS she would here herself – convincingly – she would bang an arm on the fireplace or “loose grip” and go flying into a door or something.


This was clearly a trick she had in her toolbox and used instinctively because my entire apartment was covered by CCTV. She could get sympathy from friends but her threats to go to the police over said injury were always met with “bring it on”.


Is this confined to the Female Histrionic Narcissist – NO, but I think they are way more likely to use it. They have an innate love of drama and being the victim – it ticks ALL their boxes!


What would my advice be to anyone thinking of leaving a Female Histrionic Narcissist – or any one who has but has to continue interaction, in order to avoid this.


The first thing to do is to simply write a letter to your solicitor – it costs you NOTHING to write to them – and explain you are in a relationship with a woman you believe to be a Narcissist, you are ending this relationship and you believe from your experience with her to date that it is highly likely this woman will make false allegations against you of some description.


It is worth adding a declaration of good health and wellbeing – just add – I also have reason to believe that she may lie to others with the intention of instigating violence against my person. I wish it to be noted that as of this date I have no known enemies and I am in good health.


Finish by saying “could you please advise me the procedure to obtain a restriction order on this woman should that become necessary”


At least you will know the procedure



2) If your solicitor can walk into a police station with that letter you have a much better chance of getting any charges dropped


That does not save you in a bar or on the street – thats more difficult. The best I can say there is she is unlikely to be able to pull a stunt in a bar where people know you!! If she asks to meat in a new bar or one your not liked in – RED FLAG. She will give you all the crap about “I want a neutral territory” DO NOT BELIEVE IT – she wants HER territory. It does not have to be your favorite bar – if she wont meet somewhere where your face is at least known and you HAVE to go – as a minimum take someone along with you. AS a very minimum have your phone videoing WHEN you arrive.


This is one of those articles, as Im writing it I hope every word is wasted – I hope no one ever needs a single word Ive written here. But just ask yourself – if your standing in a dock facing a rape charge – WHO is the jury going to believe???


We BOTH know the answer to that dont we???


Be aware, be prepared – 30 minutes typing a letter to your solicitor – be on home turf and be safe.